Blogging with Beautifully Berkeley

It’s nearing Valentine’s Day! ❤️❤️❤️

As you may notice, valentine roses can vary from place to place and it can be confusing. The reality is that some are better quality than others. We provide the best roses we can. This requires care in the form of hydration, food, and proper temps to ensure a longer lasting rose. They aren’t just thrown together, but designed and placed just right in a lush arrangement. We offer other perks, too! Local, in-town delivery is free! What woman doesn’t love a surprise arrangement delivered to work just for her?! In this year’s special, we have chocolates from our sister store, Sweet Alice’s, which are also professionally made in their bakery. It is true chocolates and flowers do go together!❤️ Call in your orders, 815-947-3900.

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